Montgomery School


The School Team

Teaching Staff

Head Teacher and Child Protection Officer: Ms A Griggs

Reception: Mrs M Mees (Assistant Head Teacher, ALN Co-ordinator, Deputy CP Officer

Year 1/2: Miss A Griggs (Mon) and Mrs N Mansell (Tues - Friday)

Years 3/4: Mrs N Steer (Mon - Thurs) and Ms A Griggs (Fridays)

Years 5/6: Mrs E Regan (Mon - Wed) and Mr J Hardway (Thurs - Friday)


Support Staff

Teaching Assistants:

Ms R Tibbott (HLTA) 
Mrs S Pugh
Mrs J Walton
Miss K Emberton
Miss S Evans

Mrs D White

Peripatetic Welsh Teacher: Mrs S Preston

School Secretary: Mrs R Osborne

Cook-in-Charge: Miss H Davies

Assistant Cook: Mrs J Jones

Cleaner-in-Charge: Mrs S Price

Assistant Cleaner: Mrs M Thomas

Midday Supervisors:

Miss Ka Emberton 
Miss Ki Emberton
Mrs C Davies
Ms J Brignell