Montgomery School

Our school

Mission Statement

  • The School in Montgomery provides an environment where children can feel happy and secure, where they are not afraid to make mistakes, and everyone is valued for their individuality.
  • We believe that children should be taught to value their surroundings and gain satisfaction from achieving their potential.
  • We promote Christian values through the experience we offer to all our pupils, and serve our community by providing an education of the highest quality.

Our School Ethos

As a Church in Wales School we believe that the ethos of our School should reflect Christian values and therefore encourage pupils:

  • To care for and respect one another, and earn the respect of their peers and adults alike.
  • To have good understanding of the concepts of truth, charity and justice.
  • To respect every individual’s contribution to the school and the wider community.
  • To show ability to build up relationships and readily accept responsibility.

Our School Aims

· To provide an enjoyable, caring and safe learning environment where each child feels secure, valued and suitably challenged.

· To promote a culture of high standards and expectations through achievements in all aspects of school life.

· To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of every child within school using our Christian values

· To promote the use of the Welsh language and an understanding of its’ culture.

· To encourage independent thinking, learning and problem solving.

· To develop the full potential of every individual with an understanding that each child’s abilities, capabilities and needs are different.

· To develop a good understanding of the local environment and the wider world including scientific, technological, social, historical and geographical aspects and to develop skills in these areas.

· To encourage creative participation in the arts.

· To offer mutual respect towards others and to appreciate and understand religious, cultural and moral values which may be different to their own.

· To appreciate the importance of social skills and interacting with others in a positive manner.